A BREAST Cancer survivor who ran a half marathon just 13 days after finishing treatment has raised more than £16,000 through a remarkable series of fundraising efforts.

Now, Naomi Clarke and her fiancé Richard Rego are due to embark on a trip to scale Mount Everest in their latest charity endeavour.

Naomi, 29, of Rhoose Point, Rhoose said that a combination of scaling Kilimanjaro with friends a few years ago and then becoming ill herself has given her the drive and determination to do as much as she can for charity with her spare time.

In October 2011 Naomi climbed the 19,000ft mountain in Tanzania with a group of friends. The following June, six months after meeting her partner Richard, she discovered she had breast cancer.

She said: "Richard had run the London marathon a few years ago and I had told him that I'd love to run a half marathon. He signed me up for the Cardiff half marathon without telling me."

The plans to run the half marathon seemed like they would need to be shelved while Naomi underwent treatment but she was determined to continue training and eventually run the race, having recovered.

"I did all the training and ended up running 13 days after finishing treatment. I think it was my determination that got me through, I just thought 'I'm not going to let this beat me'."

Fully recovered, the couple decided that they would pursue doing as much as possible to give back to the cancer charities that provided so much support to the whole family while Naomi was ill.

This has so far encompassed two half marathons and a charity boxing event attended by 330 people that raked in an extraordinary £12,000.

"That was amazing, " Naomi said, "The biggest thing I had arranged before that was a family meal."

Now the pair will travel to Nepal where they will spend 12 days hiking to Everest base camp and back.

Speaking about all the money they have raised for charity, Naomi said: "The feeling of achievement afterwards is amazing, to have done so many of these things over the space of two years, as well as getting over breast cancer.

"So many people are affected by breast cancer we just wanted to do something. The health care that was available to me was brilliant, I'm just giving back all the support I had.

"Most of it is down to Richard really, he's been amazing, I can't put into words how amazing he's been. He was my rock when I was ill. When we ran the half marathon he was so proud of me, I couldn't have done it without him."

If you want to help Naomi and Richard's fundraising with a donation, visit www.justgiving.com/Naomi-Clarke1