BARRY Yacht Club is set to herald the arrival of one of its youngest ever Commodores when member John Webb takes the helm next Thursday.

(February 28) Forty-six-year-old John will take up the post, at the Pier Head Dock’s base, for a year with a mission to attract new members of all ages and backgrounds with a desire to give sailing or boating a close berth or chip in with general support.

John, owner of Highlight Building and Property Maintenance, said he had been a member since 2005 – after visiting the 1928-established club – and you don’t need to own a boat or be wealthy to get involved.

The club currently has around 250 members – some of whom also enjoy the active social side – and wants to promote “affordable sailing for all”.

Members can also undertake Royal Yachting Association courses and utilise some commercial moorings, managed by the club.

John said: “It’s a lovely place to learn.

“We are starting a dinghy section as well.

“I’d say come down and see the club, try the sailing and meet the people.

“Many will take you out sailing.

“I’ve had people say to me it’s very expensive, but when you look at other hobbies like motor cross and golf – they are all very expensive.

“Don’t pooh-pooh it until you try it.”

“I am looking forward to trying to move the club with the times.”

Grandad-of-three Roger Donkin, 75, one of the Club’s vice presidents, added: “I’ve always said to a Commodore when you leave ‘What have you done for the Club. Can you say you’ve left your mark?”

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