PROPOSALS on the role of relatives under a new opt-out organ donation law for Wales are being reconsidered by health minister Lesley Griffiths.

The Human Transplantation (Wales) Bill proposes that if a potential donor has not opted out before they die, their next of kin can tell doctors about the deceased person's wishes.

The Welsh Government proposes to create an unranked list of relatives and friends who would have the right to a role in decisions about whether or not organs can be donated.

But some AMs believe more weight should be given to the views of close relatives.

Questioned by AMs about family and friend involvement in organ donation decision as a result of the proposed law change, health minister Lesley Griffiths should she would look at potential problems an unranked list might create.

A ranked list of family members is considered a better way forward by some experts, as there are fears that if any relative or friend can object, the result may be fewer rather than more organ donations.