THOMAS Hope Price, son of Tom Price (senior), has received an Interim Anti-Social Behaviour Order, after continued issues of fly-grazing and straying horses in the Vale of Glamorgan and Bridgend County Borough.

Thomas Hope Price, of Glamorgan Horse Traders Ltd, received the interim ASBO on Tuesday, January 28, following partnership working between the Vale of Glamorgan Trading Standards Department, Bridgend Trading Standards and South Wales Police.

Principal Trading Standards officer for the Vale Council, Christina Roberts-Kinsey, said: "We will continue to work on tackling these issues and I hope the introduction of the conditions will address any remaining problems in the area.

"The order has been made in the same terms as the order relating to Tom Price (senior); namely that both individuals must not allow animals owned by them, or under their care or control, to stray on the highway and also from keeping horses on land without a valid written legal agreement of the landowner.

"They have also been prevented from selling, or transferring ownership, of a horse which is not correctly identified, where the details have not been updated with his ownership details."

Superintendent and Police Commander for Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan, Paul James, said: "This is another example of positive partnership working to resolve the issues faced within the Vale and Bridgend County Borough.

"This ASBO demonstrates that police, along with our partner agencies, are tackling anti-social behaviour within our communities and are getting tougher on those who display this type of behaviour.

"Breach of this Anti-Social Behaviour Order carries serious penalties. The community’s help in letting us know when these orders are broken is vital to their success."