CARDIFF and Vale College is offering young people the chance to get back into education and gain qualifications, without having to wait for the next academic year to start.

The College's Fast Forward courses run from January to June. Most of the young people who join the courses have few or no qualifications, and little or no idea about their future.

Fast Forward gives them an opportunity to gain qualifications and - more importantly - access to a meaningful course and a positive future.

For example of the 13 young people who enrolled on the Fast Forward Directions course last year, eight are now on college courses, one joined the Military Preparation College, one went into animal care, and one joined the college's Amelia Trust Farm course.

Similar outcomes were achieved on the Fast Forward Hair and Beauty course, with 60 per cent progressing to a Level 1 or Level 2 College course.

If you are interested in a Fast Forward course call 01446 725089 to arrange an informal chat.