BARRY Town AFC manager Gavin Chesterfield was back in charge of the first team on the weekend, less than a week after he had been sacked by club chairman Stuart Lovering.

The move came after the Barry Town Supporters Committee (BTSC), which has been running the club since May 2011, vowed it would ‘carry on regardless’ with Chesterfield at the helm - despite his sacking.

David Cole, who was himself replaced as club secretary by Stuart Lovering and is also appealing to be reinstated, said that players, fans and the BTSC were delighted when Chesterfield returned for the home game against Haverfordwest County on Saturday (December 15).

"He got great applause when he came out of the dressing room and into the dugout," said David.

"The supporters were in good voice singing his praise.

"Now we just carry on until such a time that we can get someone to buy the club or the chairman decides to leave. We will definitely be carrying on until the end of the season."

He added that the chairman has now dropped his threat to withdraw the team from the league - but lamented the disruption caused – and said he hoped Chesterfield’s reinstatement would bring ‘a little bit of stability over the next few months and give time for someone to come in and buy the club’.