THE Rotary Club of Barry recently celebrated its 75th anniversary with a dinner at the Cottrell Park Golf Club.

Founded in 1937 the club has a long history of service both to the community and further afield. Past president Carl Kerr gave a brief summary of the many achievements of the last 25 years.

The annual Fireworks Fiesta which the club organises on Barry Island was started in 1973 and together with other smaller events has been a source of fundraising over 39 years for the many projects.

At home these have included days out for senior citizens, carol services in day centres and residential homes, sending needy families on holidays, stroke awareness campaigns, donating special equipment to meet disabled needs, and many more.

For the younger, they organise youth competitions each year, and send students on leadership development courses.

Internationally the club has sent aquaboxes (for water purification) and shelterboxes (giving a family a tent and everything it needs for basic existence) to many areas of the world after natural disasters, and has been a significant donor to the successful Rotary worldwide effort to eliminate polio – now limited to only Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Complimenting the club on its outstanding record of achievement, the Rotary Governor for South Wales, Bob Lewis, presented a special certificate marking 75 years of service to the president of Barry Rotary Club John Shapland.

John said that 'the will to serve the community is still very much alive within the club', and he and the rest of the club looked forward to the next 25 years.