VALE MP Alun Cairns has been declared Pin-Up of the Month by an independent group campaigning for lower taxes and better government.

The TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) has bestowed its November honour on Mr Cairns for his stance on BBC spending.

The TPA issues monthly awards to celebrate those in positions of power who have done the right – and wrong – thing by the taxpayer.

The man, woman or organisation to be congratulated for saving public money or acting in the interests of the hard-pressed taxpayer is named the TPA’s Pin-Up of the Month; while whoever is found to have shown the greatest disregard for taxpayers’ cash or interests is shamed as the Pinhead of the Month.

Alun last month introduced a Ten Minute Rule Bill in the House of Commons - the BBC (Audit Arrangements and Publication of Invoices) Bill - which would force the BBC to publish all invoices for amounts in excess of £500 each quarter and allow the National Audit Office unrestricted access to the corporation's accounts.

The TPA said the publication of its spending data would put the BBC on the same footing as local authorities up and down the country.

And, it said, the evidence was clear that putting such information into the public domain would be an excellent way of cutting out waste and bringing costs down.

Political director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, Jonathan Isaby said: "As well as making examples of those who have shown a disregard for public money, it is important to recognise those who are seeking to do the right thing by taxpayers.

"Alun Cairns' proposal to subject the BBC's spending to the same kind of scrutiny as local authorities is most welcome.

“If the BBC refuses to act unilaterally on this matter, then the Government ought to take his idea on board. Mr Cairns is absolutely right that this kind of transparency would lead to savings which, in turn, could fund a cut in the licence fee - a regressive tax which hits poorest families hardest."

Alun said: "I'm delighted to have been given this award.

“The TaxPayers’ Alliance campaigns for hard working taxpayers, and to receive an award from them is humbling.

"In proposing the new law, I want the BBC to show responsibility towards public spending exactly as every other public body must do. They are no special case.

"For too long the BBC have resisted FOI calls and public scrutiny is essential. I am delighted that the TaxPayers’ Alliance agrees."