BARRY Sea Cadets have slammed thieves, who once again targeted their Barry Docks base.

Four trolley wheels were stolen from the cadets’ Pico dinghies, some time in the week leading up to Thursday, November 29, when the theft was discovered.

The base, near Charles Darwin Way, is surrounded by a 10ft security fence.

Nigel Vick, boats officer with the cadets, said: "It’s so annoying. It’s two years since someone set fire to the container and we lost all the boats stored in there, and we were just getting back on track.

"There’s no monetary value to them, but it’s another job we could do without.

"When I found out I could hardly believe that that once again someone has bothered to mess about with us."

Sea Cadets Commanding Officer Paul Phillips said: "Our staff are all volunteers who work hard to provide Barry youngsters with great nautical experiences.

“This sort of petty theft demoralises everyone and takes valuable time, effort and money to sort out."

Pico Dinghies are plastic training boats that can accommodate either one man or up to three children.

Anyone with information about the theft should contact Barry police on 101.