TWO drivers have slammed Morrisons after coming forward to report their cars struck the same bollard at its Barry supermarket store.

Barry women Sarah Gee and Laura Spence said they had hit the yellow bollard - near the entrance to the petrol station - this year resulting in shock and minor injury.

Their report followed an incident last month in which the Vale mayor's driver struck a bollard in the same car park which resulted in the roof getting cut off the car, the Jaguar declared a write-off, and the Vale Council launching an investigation.

Customer service specialist Laura Spence said her accident had happened just after 9am on Monday, January 9.

Luckily I had just dropped my son off at school so it was just myself in the car," she said.

"I was turning into the petrol station and the next thing I knew the front of my car was smashed into the bollard.

"I was unable to drive the car and some staff at Morrisons who witnessed the accident helped to push my car off the bollard and to a safe place in the car park.

"The assistant manager gave me a lift home and informed me that it was not the first accident that had occurred involving that bollard.

"I didn't contact Morrison's regarding the matter as was unsure at that time if they held any liability, but a few months later I saw on Facebook that Sarah had also had an accident and witnessed an accident in the same place and others then came forward with similar experiences."

She added: "It's about time some action was taken before somebody is seriously injured.

"I didn't sustain any injuries other than a stiff neck the next couple of days but obviously my insurance premiums have gone up drastically as a result.

"I'm just very thankful that my son wasn't in the car at the time."

Sarah Gee said she had hit the same bollard on June 19 resulting in whiplash injuries and a written-off car.

She said: "I was very upset and shocked as in my whole ten years driving experience had never had an accident before.

"I felt that this bollard was to blame for the incident as I did not see it.

"It wasn't as visible as the others, it was marked differently.

"The manager came out to investigate and he in fact told me that they were having someone go out to assess from health and safety as it had happened previously on a number of occasions.

"Within the next couple of days the bollard was painted bright yellow, to me this was an act of admittance that the visibilty of the bollard was poor.

"I wrote a letter of complaint to head office explaining that i had sustained whiplash injuries, written off my car and also had lost my no ten years claims bonus to which they replied that they were not to blame.

"About six weeks later I was coming out of Morrisons and witnessed the same thing happen to somebody else, when I put it on Facebook as a status.

"Lots of people started to come forward saying this had happened to them.

"I feel that Morrisons should totally be held accountable for all of these incidents, my concern is that it may take a death for them to sit up and take notice."

A Morrisons spokeswoman said: "We let customers access the petrol station via the overflow car park because they told us they were concerned about congestion on the roundabout.

"Thousands of vehicles pass through the petrol station without a problem, with only two incidents to date.

"The bollards are in place to ensure the safety of pedestrians as they use the zebra crossing."