ALMOST 100 children adopted a cops and robbers theme when they took part in the Vale of Glamorgan Methodist Circuit Summer Holiday Clubs.

The Saint John, Barry Island, The Gathering Place Church and Community Centre in St Athan and Crossway Methodist church in Barry also hosted special family services.

Rev Pete Taylor said: “During Holiday Club, we investigated the story of Joseph and his brothers, found in Genesis. We learnt and thought about jealousy, anger, amazing coats, dreams, Joseph in jail, betrayal, trust, wisdom, forgiveness and hope. By trusting God, Joseph becomes a powerful leader and eventually is reunited with his brothers and Dad. The children learnt new songs, memorized Bible memory verses, did action prayers and songs, as well as playing games and making theme related crafts. The children learnt that telling the truth is important or we can get tied up in a mess. Rules are important, for example a sports match needs a referee or the match becomes a mess. People were jealous of Jesus and they plotted against him which led to Jesus as the innocent party being falsely accused and sent to die on a cross. But in an amazing twist to the tale, it is we who are cleared when Jesus wins the battle between good and bad. He died for our freedom and when we put our belief and trust in him, he forgives us and welcomes us into his way of life.”

Deacon Sam and Rev Pete thanked all the adults and children for taking part in this important ministry and service to the communities in Barry and St Athan.