John Otway, who dubbed himself “rock’n’roll’s greatest failure” is set to return to Newport for a live show in March.

John gave himself the tag after many unsuccessful attempts to produce a second hit single to follow up his 1977 classic (Cor Baby, That’s) Really Free with Wild Willy Barrett.

However John has gained a strong enough following that saw him back on Top of The Pops with the disco pastiche, Bunsen Burner, 25 years on from his original hit. Recently, his “Beware of the Flowers Cause I’m Sure They’re Going To Get You Yeah” voted the seventh greatest lyric of all time in a BBC poll.

2016 saw a r successful Kickstarter appeal which raised over £40,000 for John Otway and the Big Band to record their first new album in many years on the island of Monserrat, whose famous studios hosted bands such as the Rolling Stones before being devastated by forces of nature, being a preferable option to Harlow.

John Otway and The Rookie Roadie play Newport’s Le pub on March 4. Visit for ticket details.