BARRY’S generous skittlers have done it again.

At a recent Shoot Out tournament involving 36 teams, there was a surprise in store for organiser Rachel Bourke.

Olympic torch bearer Sarah Aston from Barry’s Welsh Wizards team presented Rachel with a cheque for £16,055.58, thanks to their magnificent fundraising efforts at Cardiff airport, raffles and events.

Rachel who will be climbing Kilimanjaro in the autumn, now has more than £28,000 as a result.

‘I was completely blown away,’ said Rachel, who has been raising money for Cancer Research UK for 10 years, after losing a family member to cancer.

Her Kilimanjaro climb is just one of a series of challenges she has undertaken over the years.

‘I always pick challenges that will make me suffer.

" In this case, I loathe camping with a vengeance and suffer from acute vertigo.

"But I know people will donate more money if they know it’s going to cause me pain to complete the task!’

In the past ten years, Rachel has raised more than £50,000 for Cancer Research UK and was recently invited to a special reception at the House of Lords for 100 of Britain’s major fundraisers.

The winning tournament team the Rumney Rebels from Cardiff were so inspired by the Welsh Wizards that they donated their £150 prize money into the pot as well.

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